Extreme Rescue Makeover

  The Extreme Rescue Makeover matches unadoptable, untrained rescued horses with trainers in a competition for a cash prize!         

Adoption Program

  Our goal is to adopt animals into loving, forever homes.  Adopting a shelter animal is one of the most emotionally rewarding things you can do!

Last Act of Kindness

   Our Last Act of Kindness program gives owners of horses who need humane euthanasia due to age, chronic illness or untreatable injuries an affordable alternative to dumping their beloved animal at auction.

Surrender Program

  We are an open door shelter and allow owners to surrender their horses and other farm type animals to us with a fee.

   Durham was about to load onto a slaughter truck in 2008 when we rescued him.  Today Durham is a beautiful, well loved horse in a great home.

Rescue Story


  We work to educate the general public on the horrors of the horse slaughter pipeline in an effort to make it outlawed.


Gelding Assistance

  Owners of colts and stallions can apply for the Gelding Assistance Program which is available as funds allow nationwide.