Adoption Fees

*Horse/Donkey/Pony/Mini adoption fee $0-$500

Goat/Sheep adoption fee  $0-$250

Cow/Steer adoption fee $0-$1200
Llama/Alpaca adoption fee: $0-$250

Pig adoption fee $0-$300

Chicken adoption fee $0-$25

Dog adoption fee $0-$150

Cat adoption fee $0-$85
Rabbit adoption fee  $0-$11
Other adoption fee, to be determined.
*Some adoption fees maybe higher

Surrender Fees

Horse/Donkey/Pony/Mini surrender fee $0-$425
Goat/Sheep surrender fee  $0-$100
Cow/Steer surrender fee $0-$450
Llama/Alpaca surrender fee$0-$100

Pig surrender fee $0-$250
Chicken surrender fee $0-$15
Dog surrender fee$0-$100
Cat surrender fee $0-$75
Rabbit surrender fee  $0-$10

Other surrender fee, to be determined.

Impound Fees 

​First impound $50
Second impound within 12 months $100 
Third impound within 24 months $150
Fourth impound within 36 months $200 

Boarding Fees for Impounded Animals

Dog or cat, per day $15 
Other small animal, per day $15 
Large animal/Livestock, per day $25

Pickup Fees

Transport fee $50 plus $1.00 a mile round trip after the first 25 miles, per animal.
Fee per hour per staff $50 after the first 30 minutes

   Fees are subject to change.