Adopting FAQ

Question: What is the goal of adoption? 

Answer: The goal of our adoption program is to adopt animals into loving homes and track the animal for its entire lifetime.  Each horse is microchipped to help with lifetime tracking.   Any animal adopted from us is welcome to return to a shelter at any time.

Question: Can I put an adoption hold on an animal? 

Answer: An adoption hold donation is $50 and lasts one week (7 days) from the date of the donation.  This gives you the first chance to adopt the animal if you are approved to adopt the animal. Your adoption hold can be transferred to another available animal within the 7 days if your first choice is not a suitable match or for whatever reason you do not adopt it.  The $50 donation can be applied towards your adoption fee if you wish.  Under no circumstance is the adoption hold donation refundable.  Adoption holds are placed via the Donation tab on our website, please note the animal’s name and ID number.

Question: Can I return the animal if I'm no longer able to keep it?
Answer: Yes, any animal adopted from our shelters to welcome back if the adopter is no longer able to keep the animal. The adopter is responsible for returning the animal back to the of our shelter. 

 Question: Can I sell the adopted animal? 

 Answer: During the life of the adopted animal you, the adopter, must not sell or agree to sell, offer to sell, give, or otherwise transfer ownership of adopted animal to any person or entity other than Horse Plus Humane Society without first receiving written authorization from Horse Plus Humane Society. This means that Horse Plus Humane Society needs to be informed of the new owner’s name, address and contact information via a newly completed Adoption Application, completed/signed, by the new owners.  To the best of your knowledge, you, the adopter, will not sell, give or otherwise transfer ownership of the adopted animal to a slaughter buyer, auction, horse/animal trader, or any “Killer Buyer.”

Question:  When can I meet the adoptable animals and where?  

Answer: We have 3 shelters across the United States, California, Oklahoma and Tennessee. For information and locations of our shelters, click here.  

Question: How much is the adoption fee? 

Answer: The adoption fee for horses are $0-$500 unless we are holding a promotional event, other animals are determined on a case by case basis. There may be additional fees add to the adoption fee if the animal was transferred from one of our other shelters.

Question: Can I return the horse and exchanged for another horse if the horse turns out not to be a good match for me?

Answer: Yes, within the first 30 days from the time you adopt a horse, you can bring the horse to one of our shelters and our staff will work on find another horse that will be a better match for you. There are no additional fees.