We rely on donations from people just like you for rescuing, rehabilitating and adopting into loving homes horses and other animals of all needs levels.  Your donation is used to its maximum potential to help as many animals as possible.  To see our yearly reports, click here.
 Your generous tax-deductible donation will be put to immediate use saving lives, sheltering and providing the much needed medical care for the animals.  We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, tax id #20-1156396. We do not receive government or foundational funding.
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Auction Rescue Fund
   The Auction Rescue Fund is used to rescue and care for horses saved from auctions.  Auctions are the entry point into the slaughter pipeline for thousands and thousands of horses every year.  Killer buyers are always at every auction, eyeing the horses with keen, practiced eyes, noting their weight, counting the dollars they could make from their brutal slaughter.  Many horse owners use auctions to dump their horses that should have been humanely euthanized due to disease, pain, and injury.  After the auction the horses face the horrific trip to slaughter. Many times the horses we rescue from auctions are so abused and injured, physically and/or emotionally, that all we can do is give them love and the Last Act of Kindness.  No horse deserves to suffer the horrors of the slaughter pipeline, you can make that difference!  Please make your donation right now, donations are greatly appreciated.

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Last Act of Kindness Fund

   The Last Act of Kindness fund allows horses  to pass on gently, with love and compassion. The Last Act of Kindness Fund allows owners the opportunity to give their beloved equine pet the ultimate last gift of kindness: a peaceful death. We offer this program for owners of horses who need euthanasia.  We evaluated every horse surrendered into this program and if they have a good quality of life and are adoptable we place them into the adoption program. This program keeps each of these animals from being sent through an auction or sent to slaughter.  For more information on the Last Act of Kindness, click here.  


   The SAFE Fund (Saving Animals From Endangerment) is the main rescue fund used for rescuing animals in need, hardship owner surrenders, abandoned animals, veterinary bills, rehab and to care for the animals that are rescued. This fund is the heart and soul of rescuing animals in need, your support is the difference between life and death, care and neglect, love and indifference.  Please make your donation now, it will make a dramatic impact on an animals life.  Donations great and small are greatly appreciated.

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Gelding Assistance
   Gelding a stallion can be very costly and many horse owners find themselves unable to pay to have their stallion gelded.  Stallions are often unable to socialize normally with other horses, leading most stallions to live by themselves.  Stallions will breed indiscriminately, producing unwanted horses that end up across the border being slaughtered for their meat.  

   We cover $100 of the cost and the owner is responsible to cover the rest to the costs involved.