California State Recognition

   One of the State Senator’s wanted to recognize our good work for the horses in the state of California.  We were presented with the award in the California State Senate Chamber.  It was such an honor to be recognized!  All of our staff and volunteers work so hard day after day caring for the hundreds of horses that come through our shelter every year.

   ​If you would like to read the award, click here.


   HPHS was founded by a 19 year old young lady in 2003. Tawnee grew up with horses and other farm animals and as she grew a strong love for these animals grew as well.   


   HPHS was founded in 2003 and since those early days over 4,000 horses have been sheltered at our shelters across the United States. 

Open Door Policy

   HPHS is an open door  - or open admission -humane society. This means that we will not turn away any animal in need that comes to our doors.   

Yearly Reports

   Read our yearly reports and animal intake statistics. Please note: For our full financial disclosure please see our 990.

About Us

Corporate Sponsor & Grantors

 Many thanks to our corporate sponsors and grantors who help make our life saving work possible. 


   We assist law enforcement with animal rescue and investigation.  We operate surrender and adoption programs, gelding assistance and end of life services for horses.          

In the News

  These are just a few of the prominent news stories that have covered our rescue work in the last few years.


Our Mission

  Our mission is to stop the slaughter of horses and to end suffering of abused and neglected horses. We adopt once unwanted horses into loving forever homes. 

Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors are business minded animal lovers who look at the big picture. They are committed to guiding Horse Plus in a honest, ethical manner with full transparency.


   There many question people ask about us on a regular basis, and here you will find the answers to those Frequently Asked Questions.